mark benjamin about me
Man, where’s that smile!

Welcome! I want to personally thank you for spending your valuable time on my domain!

Because these days we’re so overwhelmed with information overload. In fact, maintaining our focus means everything. So once again, thank you for taking your time to look over my site.

KingBold was started to put everything I’ve learned in the self-growth field in one place. In addition, I am attempting to simplify what I learn. I personally struggle with ADD, so KingBold is my way of focusing.

I’ve got much to learn. But, if I can help just one person gain some clarity, then I have accomplished something.

Please, send me an email if you have any questions or need help with anything growth related.


p.s. I’ve got experience in web design and developing. In addition, I’m a copywriter and content creator. Also love entrepreneurship and self-growth… so if any of those topics interest you, then get in touch.