1) Define CoM & Personal Principles, Purpose, Ethos and Code of Conduct. 2) Define Personal Set-Point that includes Ethos and Values.

Every member is expected to live by the highest standards and the 1-BASELINE sets the standard.

a-CoM Principles

  • Team Obsessed – What is best for the team is best for the organization.
  • Laser Focused – Keep focus on mission. Eliminate all distraction.
  • Highest Standards – Strive to express the highest principles and standards.
  • Long-Term Thinking – Sacrifice the short-term for long-term success.
  • Simple & Efficient – Define the simplest solutions for maximum efficiency.
  • Be Scientific – Decide based of data, principles and standards.
  • Commit 100% – Be decisive, work hard, take initiative, be accountable.
  • Be Transparent – Face facts, be honest and transparent. Value integrity.
  • Question Everything – Ask why and hold nothing sacred in pursuit of truth.
  • Be Innovative – Think outside the box. Find better ways to win mission.



Build platform for elite men to achieve self-mastery; Elite. High-trust. Efficient & powerful.


Achieve self-mastery; Peak discipline. Highest integrity, power and status. Ideal lifestyle.

c-CoM Ethos

In times of uncertainty, there is a special breed of warrior ready to defend Freedom. A common man with uncommon desire to succeed. Forged by adversity, he stands alongside great men to serve the ideals of Liberty, the innocent citizen, and to protect their pursuit of happiness. I am that man.

My stand is a symbol of loyalty and honor to my brothers. It embodies the trust of those benevolent among us. I accept responsibility for my way of life as a part of this Brotherhood. It is a privilege that I will earn everyday. My loyalty to my brothers is beyond reproach. I serve as a guardian to those whom hold Liberty to its highest ideal. I do not show conceit for my standing, nor seek recognition for my actions. I voluntarily accept the consequences of my standing. I humbly serve the highest principles of man.

I live with honor in the arena of life. I serve only the highest principles of man under Natural Law. I serve with honor on and off the battlefield. My ability to control my emotions, mind and actions, under all circumstances, sets me apart from most men. Steadfast integrity is my standard. My character is exemplary. My honor and loyalty are unmovable.

We expect to lead and be led. I will take the initiative, to take charge, to lead my brothers and to accomplish the mission. I lead by example at all times. I will never quit. I persevere under the harshest conditions. My brothers expect me to be bolder and stronger than my enemies. If knocked down, I get back up, every time. I will use all my strength to protect my Brotherhood and to accomplish our mission. I will fight to the death.

We demand discipline. Discipline equals Freedom. We expect innovation. Innovation brings Victory. The lives of my brothers and success of our mission depend on me. My tactical ability and my attention to detail. My training is never complete. We train for war and fight to win. I stand ready to bring all weapons to bear in order to achieve the mission and goals established by my Brotherhood. I will defend the highest principles of Liberty to Death.

The execution of my duties will be fast and violent when required yet guided by the highest principles that I serve to defend. Brave men have fought and died to defend their right to Freedom. No government, institution or organization is above our right to Liberty. I am proud to honor those great men who precede me with their wrath against tyrants. The legacy of these men steadies my resolve and silently guides my every deed. I will not fail. Death be my witness.

d-Code of Conduct

  • Strive to maintain peak mental and physical health
  • Monitor thought process to strengthen superior mindset
  • Be courageous and strive to conquer fears
  • Practice gratitude and humility
  • Do not engage in negative situations (develop the positive)
  • Be self disciplined in all areas of life
  • Master emotions and mental state
  • Be persistent in accomplishing goals, which support Vision
  • Know greater Purpose and act with intent to express it
  • Strive for the highest Integrity – be a man of honor
  • Be compassionate – be of service and give value to others
  • Respect a higher Power than man
  • Be intentional with your finances
  • Monitor time and use it efficiently and productively
  • Be self aware and react to all situations with a growth mindset
  • Strive to learn continuously and share that knowledge
  • Be purposely creative and productive
  • Always hold yourself to the highest standards

e-Personal Set-Point

The CoM Ethos above was written using the US Navy Seal Ethos as a model. Military special services represent the highest models of discipline and standards. It is recommended you define your personal ethos (feel free to use example below) using similar standards.

In addition, you will define a list of exemplary values you aspire to.

Personal Ethos

  • I will strive to be prepared always in mind, body and spirit for all situations.
  • In the spirit of kaizen, I will strive to improve myself, my team and the world (micro/macro).
  • I will strive to live in the moment, using the past only to bring forward wisdom for an ideal future.
  • As a warrior, I will defend my principles, my family, my brotherhood and Liberty for all to my death.
  • I will strive to lead by example and to follow the principle of Win, Help Win.
  • I will honor a greater Power than man and let this discipline guide me to Truth.
  • I will live by the highest standards to insure Integrity of Mind.

Personal Values

As a member of CoM, you are expected to uphold the highest standards. Your values must support these high standards. Ask the question, ‘What is most important to me in life?’ Make a list of ten values, then set in order of importance. Below is an example:

  • Health
  • Discipline/Truth
  • Freedom
  • Clarity
  • Creativity
  • Boldness
  • Success
  • Power
  • Greatness


Defining the Baseline gives reference to everything that follows. With the CoM Baseline and Personal Set-Point, we can adjust our actions using feedback. As a member, all actions must align with the CoM PMV (Purpose, Mission, Vision).

Training will help you achieve personal and CoM goals. Resources will help you achieve personal and CoM goals.