FM 10-2 Goals: Field Manual

Practice obsession in achieving your goals. Because you must be strict and commit to success. In fact, eliminate all other choices or options that don’t support achieving your goals. The more obsessed you become the greater positive energy you generate. Certainly you want to identify why you want to achieve your goals. Then you can get obsessed with achieving them.

Obsession For Greater Energy

Positive energy is absolutely fundamental to success. To clarify, it takes positive energy to fuel your success mindset. Because your life is mental in nature. Consequently, the object of your obsession is motive to your goals. Decide now to do what it takes to achieve your goals. Then eliminate all other choices that don’t support your goals.

Achieving Your Goals For Greater Clarity

Strengthen your expectant mind. Because positive expectation will increase your drive and motivation. As a result, you will be more consistent completing tasks on goal. In other words, be obsessed in achieving your goals for greater clarity. Because mental clarity is the result of obsessive commitment to success.

Also, your obsession equals your priorities. In fact, your life path comes from your obsession. Consequently, you want to give attention and focus to positive objectives.

Practice For Greater Focus

Your commitment to achieving your goals is fundamental to greater focus. In fact, to be obsessed is to be absolutely committed to achieving your goals. In addition, this obsession will increase your tenacity. Then, nothing will stop you from greater focus on goal. Be obsessed in achieving your goals to always move forward.

Practice obsession in achieving your goals. Also, increase your positive energy through your obsession. Eliminate all other choices that don’t support your success. As a result, you will develop greater energy, clarity and focus to move forward in a positive way.

Setting And Meeting Objectives

Setting and meeting your objectives everyday is important for success. Achieve your objectives every day to gain more clarity. Additionally, by meeting your objectives everyday you become more disciplined. As a result, you will increase your focus on task. Furthermore, you are improving the connection to your superprocessing subconscious mind.

Achieve Your Objectives Every Day To Control Emotional State

Your ability to manage your emotional state determines your attitude. Consequently, your attitude directs your orientation. Because you want a positive orientation for success, you must maintain a positive attitude. When you achieve your objectives every day you increase confidence, motivation and momentum. All of these success factors will add to your business and personal achievement.

Set Daily Objectives Every Day By Writing A Daily Plan

When you write out and complete your plans, your objectives are achieved. Also, writing a daily plan strengthens the habit of precise action. As a result, setting daily objectives will allow you to get precise results. Be strict with the objectives you set and be strict about following your plan.

Because being strict with your schedule will assure you achieve your objectives everyday. For this reason, make absolutely sure you complete the tasks you have planned. By doing this consistently, you will become more disciplined and focused on goal.

Be Obsessive About Achieving Your Daily Objectives

To emphasize, you must follow a strict schedule and complete your daily objectives. Be obsessive. Achieve your objectives every day to increase mental discipline. Consequently, you will achieve greater control of your mind.

In addition, being obsessive about achieving daily objectives will improve the connection to your subconscious mind. This is important because the subconscious is your superprocessor. Also, the subconscious serves your creativity, intuition and innovation.

But most importantly, your subconscious directs your habits. To clarify, be obsessive and strict about achieving your daily objectives.

Achieve Your Objectives Every Day By Strict Focus

Be strict with your focus. As a result, you will develop mental precision. In that case, you can take precise action to get precise results. Practice strict focus by following a morning routine.

When you follow a morning routine you condition your mind to stay disciplined. Consequently, a disciplined mind increases motivation and momentum. And both attributes help to achieve your objectives everyday.

In conclusion, when you achieve your objectives every day you will become more successful. Write out a daily plan and be strict about completing it. Also, control your emotional state for a positive orientation. Because being positive allows for strict focus on goals. Additionally, follow a strict morning routine to increase your mental discipline. Mental discipline is a must to achieve all of your objectives.

Define Your Vision

Before you define your Vision, consider the concept of mindset. Because you need the right mindset to succeed. There are two components of mindset.

Thought patterns – the dominant thoughts and mental attitudes (standpoints)
Mental imagery – the visualizations ; imaginations (perspectives)

Certainly, it is easy to underestimate the importance of these two components. However, a controlled mind requires correct thinking and visualizing. In fact, a fundamental goal must be to align your subconscious with a success mindset.

Key Point: Correct thoughts and mental images to Positive influence subconscious = Success mindset.

The rest of the Mental Mastery System will be broken up into three sections. In fact, they are Vision, Energy and Action. The sections contain methods and strategies to master your mind to unlock its true power.

Basic Foundation To Define Your Vision – Mental Mastery System

A basic fundamental to success is to determine your goals (aim, focus, objective etc.). It is to easy to underestimate the importance of goal setting. To clarify, think in terms of a lifestyle. Set goals to fulfill an ideal lifestyle.

For this reason, consider what excites and interests you. Define what you truly desire (want).

Exercise 1: Answer the questions below.

Identify what you want, what you desire and what excites you. Do not limit yourself. Write your answers down.

Ask what,

Is your ideal lifestyle?
Do you really want to accomplish in life?
Legacy do you want to leave behind?
Gives you energy and motivates you to grow?
Goals are needed to live your ideal lifestyle?

Key point: Defining goals are crucial to success. You need 3-5 defined goals at point in life.

To begin with, define 3-5 major goals that support your ideal lifestyle. For example, I want to build an internet lifestyle business making $10,000 monthly passive income or I want to run a 50k ultrarunning race in 6 months. It is essential to take your time to think about your goals.

Exercise 2: On a single page, write down your 3-5 major goals. Post page where you see it daily. Refine and clarify weekly.

Key point: You can not achieve goals you never defined. To succeed, you must define your goals. In addition, success demands action on goal. Consequently, you want to be action oriented.

Intermediate Foundation To Define Your Vision – Mental Mastery System

After you have determined an ideal lifestyle, now you need to clarify a deeper meaning (intention, resolution, purpose). In other words, define the reasons you want to live your ideal life. There has to reasons why you want what you want.

Key Point: Your Vision (purpose) represents what is important to you, which you will act on with the highest integrity.

Look at the list of words below to help you clarify your Vision.

Freedom, liberation, innovation, visionary, inspire, greatness, mastery, family, community, society, self-awareness, higher consciousness, legacy, accomplishment, teaching, giving, compassion, honor, discipline, virtue, value

Your true purpose is what motivates and energizes you. Moreover, your purpose represents the heart of your lifestyle. After defining your Vision, you need align your actions in that direction.

Key point: Your Vision creates strong emotional desire that is worthy of expression.

Conclusion – Define Your Vision

Defining your Vision and expressing it is an important cornerstone to your success. Because it increases your energy to move powerfully toward your goals. In fact, your purpose is what motivates you within.

More clarity of Vision generates more energy and motivation. Consequently, setting a clear purpose gives you determination to succeed. Therefore, define your Vision for greater motivation and success.

Key point: A clear Vision (purpose) is fundamental to success.

Action Step: Complete the exercises above.

Clarify Your Vision

Powerful men have a clear master vision. You must consciously create your own vision. Begin by striving to become a visionary. Clarify your purpose and goals. Most of all stop living by everyone’s expectations. And, start reprogramming your unconscious conditioning now.

Remember most everything you act, think, feel and achieve results from your habits. You must identify your habits to change them. Therefore, work on improving your self awareness. Begin by defining your self ideal.

Define Who You Want To Become

First of all, you must determine who you want to become. To have a clear vision you must have excellent self awareness. For this reason, you must know who you are and know what drives you. With this in mind, complete the following exercise:

Write down all the words that mean something to you. Such as words that energize you. Now, choose 10 words that represent who you want to become. Write these words on a single page to look at daily.

Because words relate feelings, they are powerful. As a result, thoughts are more powerful. Questions provoke thoughts through imagination.

Consequently, asking the right questions help define your master vision. Answer the following questions. And, write them down.

  • Who are you now?
  • Who do you want to become?
  • What standards do you want to live by?
  • What do you value about life?
  • What attributes, values and qualities do you admire in other people?

Now, answer the following questions for further analysis:

Ask Yourself These Questions Daily

  • Do your thoughts reflect the quality of person you want to become?
  • How quickly do you adjust your thoughts to support the person you want to become?
  • Is this thought going to affect my life a year from now?
  • Am I doing my best to think right?

Those are a few questions to start laying the foundation of your master vision. Because self awareness results in mental clarity. Commit to strengthening your vision daily. Finally, practice for more clarity.

Practice Method For Mental Clarity

Mental clarity is power. Mental power increases through mental organization. And, there are practice methods to organize the mind. Defining your goals is an important practice method. First, you must determine your long term goals. Then you can list the steps needed to achieve each goal. Look at a specific set of tasks as a project within a goal.

Remember: Work everyday to strengthen your vision.

For the most part, you will need a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly plan. Of course, the daily plan must be completed everyday. The practice of daily planning results in mental clarity. In fact, mental clarity can’t be obtained without daily planning. Further, daily planning is just one step necessary to define your master vision.

Visualize To Define Your Master Vision

Another important practice method for mental clarity is visualization. Visualization is the process of forming mental images. And these mental images become the model from which your vision forms. First, you idealize the goal you want to achieve.

Once you have the end goal, refine the outline, then the details to accomplish the goal. Visualizing will take mental work. You must sit down to concentrate on making the picture more and more complete.

Your thought will lead to action. Then action will develop methods. And finally, methods will result in circumstances leading to materialization of your goal.

Define Actions To Support Your Master Vision

Although goals help define your vision, action is needed to live it. Your daily actions eventually become habits. For this reason, it is important to control your actions. You must define positive and negative actions. The following questions will help you.


  • What actions can you take to make your vision more clear?
  • What actions do you need more of in your life?
  • What actions do you need less of in your life?
  • Do your actions reflect the quality of person you want to become?
  • How quickly do you adjust your actions to support the person you want to become?
  • What actions can you do to bring more health into your life?
  • What actions can you do to bring more wealth into your life?
  • What actions can you do to bring more happiness into your life?

Ask daily:

  • Is this action going to affect my life a year from now?
  • Am I doing my best to act right?

Spend some time answering the questions truthfully. Because your answers will bring you mental clarity. Significantly, thought moves to action. Action becomes the method. Then method results in circumstance.


In conclusion, to define your master vision you must develop mental clarity. As mental clarity increases you become more self aware. Self awareness is needed to define the deeper aspects of your master vision. Consequently, it takes daily practice to strengthen your vision.

Work with discipline and be consistent. Focus, plan and practice daily to define your master vision. Because you become what you think about. Think about greatness and success.