FM 10-9 Skills: Field Manual

Communication Skills

Fundamental Aspects Of Social Intelligence

Social intelligence is self awareness in relationship to others. Further, it the capacity to manage emotions and relationships. In fact, increasing it is fundamental to success. Through developing higher emotional intelligence, you can understand people on a deeper level. As a result, you will see their motivations, which can be used to raise your positive influence and improve your relationships.

Increasing your social intelligence is about gaining an accurate understanding of people. The following article will discuss some fundamental aspects of social intelligence.

Social Intelligence Increases From Understanding Behavioral Psychology

The basis of emotional intelligence is understanding what influences people’s thoughts and actions. Consequently, this deeper understanding allows you to relate to people on a deeper level. In other words, it helps you see what motivates, influences and directs their thoughts and actions.

In contrast, weak social intelligence keeps you from seeing what motivates peoples behaviors. The only way to determine someones’s behaviors is to understand the psychology behind their thoughts and actions.

Understanding Unconscious Signals Will Increase Your Social Intelligence

To begin with, non-verbal communication is estimated to be two-thirds of the communication process. For this reason, it is the highest form of communication because it expresses true intent. Although people can deceive with words, their body language is not easily faked.

As a result, your ability to read unconscious signals allows you to interpret people more accurately. Accordingly, this accurate interpretation allows you to influence in a positive way. If you misinterpret people, then you miss the opportunity to relate to them.

To emphasize, knowing how to read non-verbal communication is fundamental to understanding people. In addition, it helps you develop more meaningful relationships because you will not miss important communication signals.

High Social Intelligence Is Fundamental To Influence And Success

People are imperfect. Consequently, they communicate based from their level of understanding. Practice compassion, empathy and forgiveness, when dealing with people. Increased emotional intelligence will give you greater positive influence on others. In addition, this influence allows you to properly manage your relationships and make more strategic decisions.

The higher your social intelligence, the greater your influence and success. Don’t underestimate the importance of increasing emotional intelligence.

Learning Skills

Knowing how to work and study effectively is fundamental to success. There are some basic principles to set up the proper environment for success.

Set Up A Quiet And Distraction Free Environment

A quiet and distraction free environment allows for deeper focus. Consequently, you must remove major distractions to eliminate pointless stimulus. For example, tv, people and things that draw your attention from your focus.

Although you might be able to work in a busy environment, entering the flow state requires a distraction free environment. As a result, a calm mind assimilates and flows more freely.

Organize And Plan Your Work And Study

Make sure you have an action plan for what you want to accomplish. How, what, when and why you are sitting down to act. In other words, define a clear objective and plan the path to completion. Use the principle of reverse engineering. Look at the end goal, then determine the steps needed to accomplish the goal.

Do Your Work And Study Effectively In Steps

First, define a clear objective. Second, determine the steps to accomplish the objective. Complex objectives need to be broken into a series of steps (or chunks). In other words, separate complex objectives in a series of simple steps. As a result, you can move forward from simple to complex.

Focus On A Single Task At A Time To Work And Study Effectively

To work and study effectively, you must direct mental effort on a single task. First, define each single task (step). Second, define the amount of time to work on the task. Be strict with your schedule. Because following a strict schedule increases mental discipline and power. Your ability to concentrate and focus is directly proportional to your mental power.

Work And Study Effectively By Taking Breaks

Taking breaks aids your mind in assimilating the information your working on. In addition, it allows you time to recharge mentally and sustain momentum. Stop working to relax your mental effort for 10 to 15 minutes. Drink water. Walk around. Be disciplined. Do not allow yourself to become distracted thus losing momentum.

You want to maintain a forward direction on task by keeping focused with maximum mental effort.

Get Adequate Sleep So Your Mind Can Recuperate

The mind needs time to re-arrange and recuperate itself. Be consistent with your sleep schedule. Go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time each day. Find the optimum sleep duration you need.

Make Your Work And Study Times Your Only Focus

In other words, eliminate all other distractions that don’t align with your objective. To work and study effectively you must commit to your concentration. As you become more disciplined you become more efficient. Work diligently to make your mental clarity and focus a habitual condition.

In conclusion, there are some basic principles to work and study effectively. A quiet and distraction free environment will help you maintain focus. In addition, it is important to define an action plan before you begin. The following are some points to get started:

  • Reverse engineer the objective – define the steps need to accomplish the objective
  • Break complex objectives into simpler steps – move from simple to complex
  • Follow a strict schedule and execute your action plan daily
  • Work on a single task for a specific time frame. Take breaks at specific intervals
  • Get adequate sleep and make work and study your only focus