FM 10-4 Mindset: Field Manual

Positive actions strengthen your mindset. First they help build your confidence. Because taking positive action requires discipline. Discipline is your ability to give yourself an order and follow through with it. Consequently, you want to practice discipline and take positive action daily.

Take Positive Action Every Day

As a result of taking positive action, you will make consistent progress on goals. However the action must be purposeful. Because unfocused action will weaken your mindset. You want to take action from a position of clarity. Then your focus will refine and strengthen your mindset. In terms of mindset, here are some areas strengthened:

a) Your focus will strengthen. As your focus increases, energy put into tasks increases.

b) Your belief and confidence will increase. Generally speaking, belief and confidence are fundamental to success. Because these aspects of your mindset strengthen faith you will be motivated to achieve your goals.

c) Your happiness and fulfillment will increase. Certainly, it is important to feel good. Feeling good about your actions keep you motivated. Because feeling good leads to happiness and fulfillment. Which directs more positive action.

And as you build momentum your positive actions strengthen your mindset further. So keep acting with the right mindset. For this reason, positive actions are key to refine your mindset.

Positive Action Increases Mind Control

If you want a positive mindset you must take positive action. To emphasize, remember the Law of Reversibility. When you feel positive and optimistic, your actions and behaviors will be consistent with your feelings. Equally, when your actions and behaviors are positive, you will feel confident and optimistic.

By taking positive action, you are training the mind to stay concentrated and focused. As a result, you are increasing control of your mind through positive action. Which is why positive actions strengthen your mindset.

Positive Action Strengthens Your Mindset

Be aware of your mind-body connection. Because controlling your body through action strengthens your mindset. In fact, to control your mind in a superior way requires positive body action. Use positive actions to control your mind and body. As a result, you will become master over your mindset.

In conclusion, positive actions strengthen your mindset. You want to take positive action everyday. Then your focus, confidence and happiness will increase. And as you build momentum it will become easier to take more positive action. In addition, positive actions will increase your level of mind control.