FM 10-1 Success: Field Manual

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Intention and detachment are fundamental to master success. To achieve high levels of success, you must develop intention and detachment.

Intention is having a clear and precise objective that you want to achieve.

You have a clear and precise objective when:

  • Your thoughts align with your purpose
  • You are focused daily on your goals
  • Your subconscious is aligned with your goals

In other words, your whole mind must be programmed to achieve your goals. In addition, your subconscious must also be aligned with your goals to master success. Because subconscious conditioning will ultimately override your conscious will.

To create intention, program your subconscious mind daily to align with your goal. Do this by suggesting the goal to your subconscious mind through words and mental imagery (visualization). Do this on a consistent basis until the goal is achieved.

Detachment Only Comes When There Is Intention

After you have formed your intention, you then need to detach from it. This means to let the subconscious mind do its work, without allowing random thoughts to keep your from focus. Set intention makes detachment easy. Calm and focus will follow detachment. You will find it easier to act on your goals.

If you find yourself in a position with negative thinking about your goals, then this shows a lack of detachment. Consequently, you will want to go back to reset your intention. In other words, realign your intention across the conscious and subconscious mind.

Maintain Your Intention

To maintain intention is to constantly program your mind on a regular basis. As a result, this will reinforce the intention and make it stronger. To strengthen your intention:

  1. Use affirmations and suggestions. Words and phrases you repeat to yourself consistently. This is one way to program the subconscious mind
  2. Associate in the right environment. Focus and associate with the objects you desire. This will bring the environment you desire into your life
  3. Constantly move toward your goals and spend as much time as possible achieving them

These are excellent ways to maintain intention. Strive to make these a habit and master success.

Some Misconceptions About Success

There are many false beliefs about success. Here are a few misconceptions to help bring more clarity.

Only the lucky can become successful – This is nonsense. In fact, success can be achieved by anyone. We all have access to the same time and resources. The most important resource is your mind. Do not underestimate this fact.

You need high intelligence and special talent to become successful – Nonsense. In fact, high IQ can actually be a hindrance to success. Below is a list of important traits for success.

  • Self awareness
  • Discipline
  • Diligence
  • Vision
  • Clarity and focus

These traits are fundamental to success. In addition, they are simple to learn. Of course, becoming the best in some fields does require a special talent. For example, you will never become an elite athlete unless your body physiology precisely matches the sport.

There Are No Keys To Success – This is nonsense. All outcomes have specific causes and effects. Below are a few keys to success.

Right Thinking – First, your consistent thought patterns direct action. What you think about is what you become.
Momentary Awareness – To achieve mental clarity, you must live in the moment. Use the past to bring forward positive wisdom and use the future to plan positive vision (goals).
Concentration and Focus – Concentrate on success. If your idea of success is owning a business, then learn entrepreneurship. To increase your focus, you must increase your clarity. Spend daily clarifying your vision.

In conclusion, there are powerful principles to help you master success. For example, intention and detachment are fundamental to success. Right intention brings clarity and focus. To develop intent, you need a mental direction, a mental picture and a single focus on goal.

First, define a clear and precise objective. Then form the habit of thinking and acting in alignment with your objective. As a result, this habitual thinking on goal will program your subconscious to master success. After your intent strengthens, it is important to detach from your objective.

Only use an objective to define steps and set mental direction for accomplishment.

5 Keys To Success

These fundamental keys will help you become successful. Because they are absolutely fundamental, practicing them daily will bring high levels of success. As a result, you will generate consistent growth and progress.

First Key: Consistent Growth And Progress

First, you must commit to daily growth and progress. Because success is an ongoing condition. Dedicate yourself to personal growth. To emphasize, you must decide to make personal growth a priority. Your life will organize around the standards your set for yourself. Below are 3 things to help you become successful.

  • Charge and protect your mind – be disciplined and feed your mind with positive stimulus
  • Build a healthy and strong body – a strong body supports a strong mind
  • Associate with growth minded individuals – you pick up the traits to whom you associate

Do what you need to do and what you say you will do. As a result, your self esteem, confidence and image increase.

Second Key: Live In The Moment

To live in the moment is to direct your full attention to the present. In the present moment there is no awareness of the future or past. Living in the moment allows you to direct full mental effort. Consequently, you can focus maximum energy to task on goals.

In addition, momentary awareness allows connection to your core being. In this case, connecting at this level brings mental calm and well-being. With less wandering thoughts your mind will be more focused and concentrated. Also, you will have deeper thoughts, ideas and concepts on achieving your goals.

Third Key: Do One Thing At A Time

Single-tasking is doing one thing at a time with limited distraction and full focus. As a result, you can direct full mental effort to a single task on goal. In fact, this is how you achieve flow state. Which is a peak mental state of maximum mental power.

Doing one thing at a time allows full mental power to be on that one thing. By single-tasking, your mental effort will bring maximum results. In fact, concentrated action will always bring definite results. Consequently, this will help you become successful.

With consistent practice, doing one thing at a time will become a habit. Because your increased self awareness will dictate you stay concentrated. An unfocused and wandering mind is a weak mind. In contrast, a concentrated and focused mind is a powerful mind. Below are a few examples of doing one thing at a time.

  • Eating with full attention – no tv, video, magazine etc.
  • Talking to someone with full attention – no cellphone, tv, video etc.
  • Working on business task – no phone, no internet, no distractions (door shut, head down etc.)

Note: Living in the moment and doing one thing at a time are related. First, living in the moment increases self awareness and mental clarity. Second, this awareness and clarity allow full mental effort to single-task.

Momentary Awareness → Mental Clarity → Maximum Mental Effort → Action

Fourth Key: Keep Your Thoughts Positive

Your thoughts and mental images define your life. In fact, precise thinking precedes precise results. Because thoughts have creative power, you must keep your thoughts positive. Your present life situation is a representation of past thinking. Do not underestimate this fact. If you want to change your present circumstance, then you must change the way you think.

Imagine your thought process as a moving object. To keep your thoughts positive is to move the object forward. In other words, think positive on what you want to achieve (i.e. goals). Consequently, this positive thinking will move you forward toward your goals.

Fifth Key: Make Your Action Align With Goals

Taking precise action will help you become successful. Certainly, aligned thought and action is fundamental to success. In fact, precise action reinforces a success mindset. In other words, your actions reinforce your thought process. Which further clarifies, strengthens and focuses thinking.

To emphasize, you must be action oriented. It takes action to produce results. Commit to precise action toward your goals. Goal achievement = commitment + focus + production + progression. Hold yourself accountable by measuring your progress. Of course, you must first plan the steps to accomplish your goals. Below is a simple system to make your action align with goals.

  1. Define the desired goal (outcome)
  2. Reverse engineer the steps (tasks) to accomplish goal
  3. Create a chart to monitor tasks on goal – include due dates and time spent
  4. Design feedback loop to correct alignment – ACT, review and correct action
  5. Complete a daily and weekly action plan – hold yourself strictly accountable to your schedule

You must hold yourself accountable for your actions. Define your vision and align your actions with that vision. Doing this will help you become successful.

In conclusion, these 5 key fundamentals are critical to success. First, commit to growing and progressing daily. Make the decision to succeed. Second, develop the self awareness needed to achieve mental clarity. To live in the moment is to experience true reality. Concentrate your mind on deeper thoughts, ideas and concepts. Practice the discipline of single-tasking to further strengthen the mind.

A focused mind allows full mental effort to be directed on task. Consequently, through positive and precise thinking, you can align action on goal. First, define your goal. Second, define the tasks to accomplish the goal. Finally, create the mental and physical environment needed to align with the goal. Continually clarify and refine thinking to help you become successful.

How To Control Your Mind For Success

Control your mind and body for maximum success. Because a strong mind-body is fundamental to overall health. To use your mind and body correctly leads to positive results. You must strive to control your mind. As a result, you will control your body also. Below are a few key points to mind and body control.

  1. Progressively take more control of your mind and body
  2. Be precise in your actions and follow your schedule strictly
  3. Consistently control your mind and body – eliminate distractions

Control Through Discipline

Success demands mental and physical control. First, mental control increases focus, concentration and attention. Then this mental control can be directed to other positive qualities of success. In contrast, lack of mental control allows distractions and obstacles to rule you.

Second, control your body to develop energy, discipline and courage. Consequently you can overcome laziness and procrastination through body control. As a result, you can more easily maintain a positive state for maximum success.

Energy, Intent And Action

Your mind is your central control system. Consequently, a precise mind is fundamental to all achievement. Higher states of concentration, consciousness and energy occur through mind control. In fact, you must control your mind to get precise results. Below are several ways to control your mind.

Give full focus daily to tasks on goal

For instance, visualize every component needed to accomplish your goal. Then concentrate and give full focus to completing the tasks on goal. Remember, mental clarity and full focus on goal will allow control of the mind.

Be decisive and precise in your action

Take decisive and precise action for maximum efficiency. As a result, your energy and intent will strengthen. Furthermore, decisive and precise action increases drive and motivation. Precise action pushes through distractions. So give full focus to tasks on goal, because this will lead to further mind and body control.

Control On A Daily Basis

Mind-body control requires daily discipline. In fact, you must keep a high degree of control all the time. Because consistent mental control organizes the mind for maximum success. As a result, your mind stays on track in alignment with goals.

Right Thought → Right Action → Right Result. Daily practice will build the habit of accurate thinking. Which is essential to your success. Control your mind and direct mental energy toward your goals.

In conclusion, you want to control your mind and body for maximum success. Progressively take control of your mind and body by strict action. Be consistent. Because a controlled mind allows mental effort to be directed to tasks on goal. Consequently, you want to control your mind on a daily basis. As a result, thoughts and actions will stay in alignment with goals.

Write Down Goals

It is important to write down goals for success. In fact, writing out goals is fundamental to success. To emphasize, writing out goals is a major component of success. Because the act of writing will program your subconscious mind. As a result, you clarify and strengthen your success mindset.

Write Down Goals To Program Subconscious

By writing down your goals, you are programming your subconscious for success. Because the subconscious is a superprocessor. Consequently, it will run any program you enter into it. Do not underestimate the power of your subconscious. For this reason, write down goals to accelerate progress towards your goals.

Use the following guidelines when you write down your goals:

  • First, write using “I” and in the present tense (i.e. I am making $10k monthly in my internet business).
  • Second, write using imagination (include details and feelings needed to achieve goals).
  • Third, write using positive expectation – be certain, committed and confident.

In particular, write down your goals in certain detail. For example, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What will it be like to achieve your goal?
  2. What will you be doing to achieve your goal?
  3. How will you be achieving your goal?
  4. What skills will you have in achieving your goal?
  5. Beliefs will you have in achieving your goal?
  6. What values will you have in achieving your goal?
  7. Standards will you have in achieving your goal?

It is important to put thought into writing out your goals. Because asking the right questions will improve your clarity. Clarity → Confidence ↑ Standards. As a result, clarity on goals attract circumstances needed for achievement.

Write Down Goals During A Morning Routine

First, organize your day based off your vision, priorities and goals. Second, hold yourself strictly accountable. Third, eliminate all distractions that keep your from execution. Write down your goals to increase mental discipline. Also, write down your goals during a morning routine. Because this sets a positive tone for the day.

Write Down Goals For Positive Expectancy

Positive expectancy is confidence in achieving definite results. Certainly you want to be positive in accomplishing your goals. Because your attitude and mindset condition your subconscious mind. Your clarity, energy, motivation and productivity defines your subconscious conditioning. Consequently, work daily to increase mental integrity. As a result, you strengthen the conscious to subconscious link for greater positive expectancy.

In conclusion, writing down your goals is fundamental to success. Because writing down goals strengthens the conscious to subconscious link. Also, it increases clarity, energy, motivation and discipline. In fact, you must write down your goals to build positive expectancy. And positive expectancy is mandatory to achieve any great goal.

Control Your Energy

To control positive and negative energy is fundamental to success. Most people are unaware of their energy state. In fact, to be successful, you must create more positive energy than negative energy. To clarify, visualize positive energy as a positive forward state. And negative energy as a negative backward state.

For example, imagine moving forward toward your desired objective as positive energy. In contrast, imagine moving backward away from your desired objective as negative energy. This is an absolute fundamental concept to understand to succeed.

Equal Positive and Negative Energy Will Cancel Each Other Out

To accomplish your goals you must progress forward. In fact, anything other than forward progress is a negative direction. Consequently, you can not succeed without consistent forward progress on goal. For this reason, most people are not successful because their energy states cancel each other out.

control positive and negative energy

You must control positive and negative energy. When you have more negative than positive energy, regression occurs. When you have more positive than negative energy, progression occurs. Consequently, for maximum success you must increase positive energy and lower negative energy.

For Maximum Success Generate More Positive Than Negative Energy

Control positive and negative energy because it is crucial to achieve success. Certainly, controlling energy is the only way to accomplish your goals. Minimize negative energy and maximize positive energy. Through discipline you will increase forward momentum and progress. As a result, consistent momentum and progress will bring consistent results.

To clarify, you want to identify causes of negative and positive energy. Below are examples that result in negative energy.

Negative Energy Sources

a) Unhealthy diet choices – energy from all food intake is assimilated into your system

Although we have individual mind-body dynamics, there is a baseline to consider. For example, excess sugars, white flour, hydrogenated oils, alcohol, processed foods and sugary drinks will result in negative energy.

b) Negative thinking and speech – complaining, criticizing, arrogance, lack of gratitude, entitlement, etc.

All negative thought and speech patterns will cause negative results. Consequently, negative thinking drives negative action. In addition, negative thinking and speaking uses valuable energy. Which decreases potential positive energy.

c) Weak and scarcity mindsets, behaviors and lifestyles

Weak and scarcity mindsets, undisciplined behaviors and lifestyles are the result of habitual negative energy. Certainly, it is impossible to progress with greater negative than positive energy. In fact, your mindsets ultimately define your energetic state.

Imagine you have a set amount of energy potential (like a battery). If your overall lifestyle is defined by negative energy states, then the result will be life regression. For this reason, potential positive energy decreases.

Positive Energy Sources

Now, here are some examples of positive energy causes:

a) Eating a healthy diet with unprocessed whole foods – and properly hydrate

Remember, these are baseline suggestions. Eat mainly vegetables, fruits and staples such as rice, potatoes and legumes. Always keep hydrated by drinking water. If desired, eat quality grass-fed meats (quality proteins). Consume healthy oils (olive, coconut, avocado). Eat eggs, nuts and seeds.

b) Positive thought and speech – practice gratitude, positive expectation and visualization

Think, speak and visualize positive ideals and objectives. As a result, you will increase your positive energy. If you do speak of others, then always speak positively. Because your view of others is a reflection of yourself. Also, talk about your dreams, goals and aspirations and why you want to achieve them.

Successful people talk about their positive futures ninety-percent of the time. You want to be thinking and speaking how you are improving every day. Because positive thinking and visualizing will result in positive expectation.

c) Positive mindsets, behaviors and lifestyles

Be open to growth opportunities and situations. Consequently, your potential positive energy will expand. Which will result in increased positive energy and momentum. Follow strict daily routines to increase positive behaviors. In addition, a positive lifestyle is the result of vision, purpose, focus and motivation.

Consistently clarify your vision and hold yourself accountable to strict planning. You must remove the distractions to accomplishing your goals. As a result, your positive energy will increase further.

Be Aware And Monitor Negative Energy Signals

To put it another way, you must identify and monitor your mental direction. The objective is to minimize negative energy (backward direction) and maximize positive energy (forward direction).

To emphasize, you must think about what you want, instead of what you do not want. Because your actions will follow what you think and visualize. Also, actively increase positive energy and decrease negative energy.

Your thoughts, mental imagery and feelings are signals of your energy state. Below are some questions to help you monitor and identify your mental direction – to control positive and negative energy.

1) How often do you imagine negative outcomes? How often do you imagine positive outcomes? What mental imagery do you have for the outcomes?

2) How often do you think and speak about negative circumstances, conditions and outcomes? How often do you think and speak about positive circumstances, conditions and outcomes?

3) Do you think and visualize about a negative future or a positive future? How can you correct your mental direction quickly and move from a negative to positive mental direction?

In conclusion, you want to control positive and negative energy to achieve success. Imagine positive energy as moving forward toward your goals. In contrast, negative energy is moving away from your goals. Positive and negative energy states can cancel each other out.

For this reason, you must generate more positive than negative energy. A healthy mind-body balance will result in positive energy state. Right thinking, positive mindsets and positive behaviors expand your potential positive energy.

Consequently, you want to identify and monitor your mental direction at all times. With consistent practice you will develop the discipline needed to control your energy state.

Reprogram Subconscious Mind

You must program the subconscious mind to achieve maximum success. Because the subconscious mind is ultimately the vehicle that drives your life. Your subconscious conditioning always overrides the will. Likewise, your habits determine your life direction. So we want to program the subconscious mind with success oriented habits.

By Maintaining A Positive Thought Pattern

Remember thoughts are magnetic. Consequently, positive thinking attracts positive results. Further, to be successful you want to replace negative thinking with positive thinking. Maintaining a consistent positive thought pattern is crucial for goal accomplishment.

To maintain a positive (magnetic) thought pattern, keep your thoughts powerful and active. Don’t underestimate the mind-body connection. Likewise, keep your mind clear and your body strong. Use strict diet, strict exercise and strict mental control to increase positive magnetism.

Another key point is the importance of defining goals or reasons. Because you need strong reasons (goals) that motivate action. As a result, positive thinking will be easier to maintain.

By Constant Positive Visualization

The subconscious mind is your master program that drives your thoughts and actions on a fundamental level. Accordingly, to change thoughts and actions you will have to reprogram the subconscious mind. Important to realize, habits are the basis of subconscious programming. And it takes constant positive visualization to form new positive habits.

To visualize is to make mental images that form the patterns of your ideal future. Constantly clarify these mental images and work hard to create them. You must ACT and do the work.

A simple method of visualization is autosuggestion. Autosuggestion is a technique used to change beliefs, thoughts, feeling and behaviors. To do this, simply repeat positive statements to yourself. For example, the classic from Emile Coue, “Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.” Another excellent one is, “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.”

To emphasize, you want to use constant positive visualization to program the subconscious mind. It takes self-awareness to direct the conscious mind. Subsequently, you can then replace your negative thinking with positive thinking. Develop strong belief and faith your visualizations will come true through action.

Through Consistent Growth And Progress

Continue to program your mind daily to develop strong positive habits. Decide to eliminate negative programming, because it attracts negative results. In fact, right thoughts encourage positive actions for positive results. To clarify, consistent right thoughts and actions will bring consistent growth and progress.

Through positive thinking about what you want daily, you will bring it into your life. Don’t underestimate this subtle fact. In contrast, negative or unfocused thinking will bring negative unfocused results. Define your goals and reasons for success. Then direct your mental energy to align with your goals – this is outcome orientation.

In conclusion, success is achieved through conscious-subconscious alignment with your goals. As a result, you can easily manifest your desires. Because your thought patterns direct your actions and results. Consequently, you must maintain a consistent positive thought pattern to program the subconscious mind.

In addition, you must use positive visualization to form positive mental imagery and habits. Furthermore, positive habitual routines allow for consistent growth and progress on goals. For this reason, align your thoughts and actions with your goals for maximum results.

Importance Of Flow State

Knowing how to get into the flow state is fundamental to success. Because flow state is the peak level of performance. Consequently, reaching it allows you to achieve your goals faster and easier.

Flow state means fully concentrated on a task or activity. Moreover being fully immersed, focused, energized in the activity. In addition, during the flow state you lose sense of space and time.

Acting On And Moving Towards Your Goals Quickly

Know your goals and define an action plan daily. Then move toward your goals consistently and quickly. As a result, doing the planned activities will get you into the flow state. By following a consistent routine, total immersion in activity results. Consistent practice will bring consistent progress and results.

Entering the flow state will result in positive body, mind and emotion. To emphasize, act quickly with positive expectation and focus to get into the flow state.

Concentrating On What You Are Doing

You want to give full attention to what you are doing. As a result, you place maximum mental effort into the object of attention. Then, this allows maximum return on your effort. Remember, what you give attention to grows. Certainly get into the flow state by concentrating on tasks that fulfill your vision.

Consistently give full attention to positive activities. Because you will feel good and achieve flow naturally. In addition, right thought and ideas will come to you easier. The flow state is the prime condition for achievement.

how to get into the flow state

Eliminating Distraction And Doing One Thing At A Time

Maximum success demands mental clarity and focus. Consequently, you must be clear and focused for peak performance. In fact, you’re either in focus or out of focus. For this reason, you want to only do one thing at a time. This allows full mental effort to be directed into the task or activity.

Remember, Peak Effort + Peak Focus = Peak Results. Eliminate all distraction that does not align with your object of focus. You can’t achieve the flow state with divided attention.

Giving Your Full Attention To The Moment

Momentary awareness means concentrating your full attention to the present moment. As a result, this allows you mental clarity, energy and focus. Which can then be directed through flow state toward your task on goals. To put it another way, full attention to the moment allows access to the subconscious mind. Notably, flow state is driven by the subconscious.

Don’t underestimate the power of subconscious conditioning. The only moment that exists is the present. For this reason, you can only enter the flow state by giving full attention to the moment.

In conclusion, the flow state signals peak performance. And by consistently getting into the flow state you can progress quickly. First, get into the flow state by consistently moving toward your goals quickly. You can train your mind to enter the flow state with consistent practice.

Second, get into the flow state by concentrating on what you are doing. The flow state equals total concentration on a task or activity. Flow State = Total Concentration On Activity.

Third, get into the flow state by eliminating distractions and doing one thing at a time. In addition, you want to give your full attention to the moment. As a result, increased connections to the subconscious result in achieving the flow state for maximum success.

Concentration And Flow State

Practice concentration and flow state for success. Because your capacity to succeed depends on your ability to concentration. In addition, flow state demands high concentration. And you need the flow state for consistent achievement.

Master Concentration For Success

To say you must master concentration to succeed is a bold statement. However, it is absolutely true. And the ability to achieve your goals also relates to this capability.

To focus on your goals takes discipline. Because to concentrate requires persistence. If it was easy, everyone would be successful. So strive for consistent concentration and flow state for success.

As a result of concentration, flow state is possible. Then with flow state your results will increase exponentially. Because entering the flow state accesses subconscious resources.

concentration and flow state for success illustration

Harness Subconscious To Achieve Flow State

Your subconscious is the superprocessor of your mind. Your beliefs, behaviors, feelings, ideas and interpretations reside in the subconscious. As a result, the subconscious directs your achievements, circumstances and success. For this reason, you must harness concentration and flow state for success.

A high state of concentration raises awareness. And increased awareness allows access to the subconscious. In addition, concentration coupled with awareness allows you to reach flow state. Flow state is a direct link to the subconscious. Certainly high performance happens during flow state.

In other words, the flow state is crucial for achieving success. And it can be harnessed through higher levels of concentration. Increase your concentration with daily practice.

Consistent Daily Practice To Achieve High Concentration

With consistent practice, your concentration will improve. As a result, you can generate even higher states of concentration. Additionally, your concentration will be sustained over longer periods of time. When that happens, success will become automatic. Then, you will master concentration and flow state for success.

Methods To Master Concentration And Flow State

Here are some methods to increase your concentration levels. To master concentration takes discipline. But with consistent practice, you can raise your power of concentration. And flow state will follow.

a) Give full attention to what your are doing in the moment. This method is called single-tasking. Concentrate on each task until complete. If your attentions wanders off, bring it back to the task. As a result, your progress and implementation on goals will improve.

b) Practice giving full attention to simple tasks. For example, concentrate the entire time you brush your teeth. Although this might seem basic, it is a powerful exercise. Because the tendency is to day dream during basic tasks. And by stopping your wandering mind you can control subconscious conditioning.

c) To master concentration and flow state for success, you must master self awareness. Self awareness is being conscious of your feelings, motives and desires. Knowing your capabilities comes from self awareness.

Because self awareness leads to full attention. So you can then concentrate fully on task ; single tasking. And through single tasking you can reach flow state.

In conclusion, concentration and flow state are necessary for success. When you become more self aware, your full attention can be concentrated on task. As a result, you will access the subconscious through flow state.

Thus, the power of the subconscious will be harnesses through concentration. This is how you use concentration and flow state for success.

Morning Routine For Success

First, get your most important priorities done. As a result, you will develop the discipline needed for consistent success. Organize your morning routine by your vision, priorities and goals.

Rise Early With Intention To Act On Goals

Wake up early with the intention to act on goals. Because getting up early starts the day with a disciplined act. In fact, following your strict morning routine for success leads to control and discipline throughout your day. Furthermore, getting out of bed quickly is key to build your daily momentum. You want to start the day by getting important priorities done first.

Complete Important Priorities First Thing

Raise your positive energy by completing important tasks early. Because your good feelings of accomplishment will continue throughout the day. As a result, you will have a more positive, productive and optimistic day. Also, by completing important priorities first thing, your discipline increases clarity and focus on task. This mental control raises your efficiency and productivity for a success mindset.

Follow A 7 Step Morning Routine For Success

There are many different morning routines to start your day. But a morning routine for success must be strict and result oriented. To clarify, a strict morning routine equals strict results. For example, see the 7 step morning routine for success below:

  1. Get up quickly with a positive intention for success
  2. Make your bed with gratitude for another day to succeed
  3. Drink a glass of water to hydrate your cells
  4. Do light exercise to get blood moving and clear your head
  5. Meditate-Visualize-Sit quietly and reflect on a positive day
  6. Do self improvement work – audios, videos, read or workbook
  7. Write down your 3 most important priorities on goal and begin working on them

Follow the routine strictly. Because you want to develop the habit of strict action. In fact, following strict routines is crucial to your success. As a result, you will get more done and achieve more in life. In general, use your morning routine to set the direction of your thoughts.

A Morning Routine For Success Strengthens Your Success Mindset

A strategically defined morning routine will set the direction of your thoughts for the day. In addition, it will strengthen your success mindset. It is important to think and act a certain way for positive forward momentum.

To emphasize, positive thoughts (PT) lead to positive actions (PA) equals positive results (PR). PT → PA = PR

Your success mindset will increase results quickly through improved clarity. Because improved clarity means less negative thoughts, in contrast to more positive thoughts.

In conclusion, you want to follow a strict morning routine for success. As a result, increased discipline will lead to mental clarity, focus and forward progress on goals. Because starting your morning with intention increases positive energy from good feelings of accomplishment. Certainly, a morning routine for success is fundamental to accomplishing your goals.

Organize Time

Organize your time for maximum efficiency. Because being organized with your time allows for more productivity. As a result, you will achieve your goals quicker. And this will help you gain momentum.

Organize Your Time With Strategic Action Plan

A strategic action plan makes the most efficient use of your time. It requires focus and mental clarity to write out your action plan. First determine steps needed to complete goal. Then prioritize tasks based off order of importance. Follow through the plan with full attention and focus. Your plan must be clear and move you forward quickly. Use self awareness to review and continually improve plan.

Take Consistent And Positive Action

It’s important to always take consistent and positive action towards your goals. If you aren’t aware, then you will mentally wander without noticing it. And a wandering mind is a disorganized mind. In addition, allowing your mind to wander will become a habit. You must be aware of this negative habit and correct it.

Strive to be consistent with your growth and progress. In fact, what you want to do is take control of your time and do what needs to be done. If you want positive results, then you must take decisive action towards your goals.

Make Decisive Action Towards Goals

Decision making is the process of identifying and selecting a belief or action. And choosing alternatives based on personal beliefs, values and preferences. Important decisions change your life path. For example, deciding to organize your time will determine how well you succeed. A true decision takes courage and commitment.

For this reason, it takes a true decision to change yourself and make progress. Make your decision and take the steps to follow through with it. If you don’t make strategic decisions, then you will simply continue your past life trajectory.

In conclusion, you must organize your time to accomplish your goals. Following an action plan will keep you on track. As a result, it will be easier to take positive and consistent action towards your goals. And this action brings more clarity to the decision making process.

Master Concentration

Concentration is key to success. It is a fundamental skill you must master. Consequently, your degree of concentration determines how well you progress in life. Do not underestimate the power of concentration. Because your ability to concentrate dictates everything in life.

Increase Your Concentration Through Awareness

When you give your full attention to daily tasks, you raise your level of concentration. For this reason, place your full attention on each task, without allowing distraction. It takes discipline to concentrate. So it may take awhile for you to improve concentration through practice.

Use your awareness to maintain concentration. Because awareness allows you to monitor attention. As you become distracted, bring your attention back to the present task. And with practice you will condition your mind to concentrate. As a result, your success will gain momentum.

Higher Levels Of Concentration Is Key To Success

You can be assured the most successful master concentrates fully on their expertise. Under those circumstances, their subconscious mind is being accessed as they enter the flow state. The subconscious mind is a superprocessor. And by accessing it you can enter high performance.

For example, increased ideas, perception, intuition and innovation result from subconscious processing. Your ability to enter the flow and reach higher levels of concentration is key to success. For this reason, improved concentration will improve all aspects of your life.

Improved Concentration Will Improve All Aspects Of Life

The degree of which you control your mind is directly related to your ability to concentrate. Likewise, the more you concentrate the more control you have over your mind. And this is why improved concentration will strengthen all aspects of your life. Because through concentration you control emotions, thoughts, actions and circumstances. Which through self awareness will lead to better results in every area of your life.

In conclusion, growth and improvement of your concentration is key to success. You must strive for high levels of concentration daily. Consistent practice is necessary. The effects of concentration mastery will lead to continuous success.

Master Mindset

Your mindset determines success. Mindset determines mental attitude. Resulting in your responses and interpretations of life situations. In fact, your subconscious stores your entire life experience. And it contains all your memories, emotions and perceptions.

Your Mindset Is Defined By Subconscious

What you perceive as truth affects your life experience. Which resides within your subconscious. To clarify, the subconscious is the foundation of your consciousness. Like a deep ocean with waves on the surface.

Your consciousness is like the ocean waves. And your subconscious is like the ocean depths. All thoughts, beliefs and mental imagery manifest from your subconscious. Then in turn defines our mindsets.

Success defines the the achievement of something desired, planned or attempted. Additionally, success is the completion of goals. To succeed is to do something you have desired or intended. Your intention defines your purpose or goal. And your mindsets define your desires and intentions.

Whatever your mind sees as important is where your attention follows.

Success Follows What Your Mindset Values

Indeed, this is the reason why the mindset influences every aspect of your life. Your perceptions, beliefs and imagination direct your intention, attention, focus and concentration. Because your mindset determines success, you must have right perceptions and right beliefs.

As a result, intention, attention, focus and concentration strengthen. Right perceptions manifest right beliefs. Which are fundamental to positive intention, attention, focus and concentration. Positive is anything that brings us joy and prosperity.

The following definitions will help you determine your mindset and how to change it:

Perception – to achieve understanding of; understand, comprehend; to become aware of. Right perception is fundamental to achieving a success mindset. Furthermore, your perception defines your depth of consciousness. In addition to what degree you can access and control your unconscious.

Strive for awareness of mental thoughts, imagery and beliefs. Because awareness is needed to change your perception. Practice mindfulness and meditation to live in the moment.

Belief – mental acceptance and conviction in the truth. Actuality or validity in something. Perceptions must change before your beliefs can change. First, you must become aware of the belief. Then you must understand what is negative or untrue about the belief. Also, clarity on right beliefs will help you achieve a success mindset.

Intention – the thing that you plan to do or achieve. An aim or purpose. Likewise, a determination to act in a certain way. Momentary awareness is the only way to direct your true intent. Because momentary awareness makes it possible to plan based off your true purpose. This awareness strengthens your focus and concentration.

A Focused Mindset Determines Success

Focus – center of activity or attention. Point of concentration. What are you thinking throughout the day? What kind of visualizations do you have throughout the day? In addition, are you focused on planned goals? Or do you spend time on unfocused activities (ex. tv, games, computer browsing, pointless socializing, etc.)?

What you see as attention worthy represents what you value in life. To be sure, you will manifest what you focus on. And any goals you achieve will result from sustained focus only.

Concentration – the ability to give your attention or thought to a single object or activity. Your ability to concentrate determines your level of focus. Because skill in concentration equals more power to focus. Once again, momentary awareness allows for higher states of concentration.

Attention – process of concentrating on one aspect of your environment. While blocking out other aspects of that environment. An excellent way to develop right attention is to practice meditation. Where you place your attention determines your success.

These terms help you to understand why your mindset determines success. Because your consciousness originates in the subconscious. Then manifests in thought, perception, emotion and imagination. Your mindset is your mind in action.

Master Mindset

To live the great life you desire, you will need to change your mindset. Because success demands the right mindset. Your beliefs, values and models of life are determined by mindset. As a matter of fact, how you condition your mind daily determines your success. You must be consistent and precise.

Daily Practice For Mindset Changes

The only way to permanent mindset changes is through consistent daily practice. In contrast, to start and stop self improvement will lead to failure. Commitment and consistency are traits of the successful. For this reason, you must create a daily practice plan and act on it. Focus on each task without distraction; control your mind. With this in mind, read affirmations for mindset changes.

Reading Affirmations To Change Mindset

Affirmations are thoughts and beliefs in word form. To positively affirm a thought, belief or goal will help you succeed. Because the affirmations reprogram your subconscious mind. When you read your affirmations, use your imagination to raise your faith. Practice daily with focus. The following affirmations are some examples:

a) I can be what I will to be.
b) I am making 10k monthly and on target to 20k monthly.
c) I am clarifying my vision daily with disciplined practice.
d) I am confident because I act consistently.
e) I love myself and act with purpose.

Use affirmations that energize you. With this intention, write down your affirmations and read them daily. Certainly this daily practice will change your mindset. Also, reading affirmations will help you clarify your vision for success.

Change Mindset With Consistent Growth And Progress

For consistent growth and progress you must be disciplined daily. With a clear vision you can make forward progress towards your goals. As a result, your success will strengthen your mindset. This is the power of implementation.

Learning something is easy. It is the implementation of what you learn that is difficult. To determine the correct course of action you must plan daily. Because the process of planning helps to program a success mindset. Daily planning is necessary for consistent growth. So write daily how your going to implement what you learn.

Another key point is to review what you have implemented. For consistent growth, you will need to correct your course of action regularly. The process is Act, Review and Keep Improving. Follow this process to change your mindset for success.

Success Mindset

To be successful you must have a success mindset. Your mindset defines everything. Thoughts and beliefs influence your mindset. Beliefs affect your attitude on life, which affects your energy.

With the right mindset, you will improve and move forward. A refined mindset supports personal achievement. Having a success mindset will help you to attain your goals.

I. You Must Define A Personal Achievement Plan

Complete a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly plan for achieving your goals. Every day look over your weekly, monthly and yearly plans. First of all, write out daily the tasks needed to complete your weekly goals.

Each week define what projects to complete each month. Refine what tasks and what projects demand attention. Prioritize the tasks daily.

Your plans set your focus in the right direction. By focusing and concentrating on goals, you can achieve a success mindset. A daily practice of writing your plans builds forward momentum. Forward momentum motivates action on goals.

II. Define The Qualities You Need To Succeed

To be successful you need certain attributes. Qualities such as focus, discipline, persistence and motivation strengthen a success mindset. You must have mental clarity to achieve your goals.

Success demands consistent action on goals. You will only achieve your goals by completing necessary tasks.

III. Work Each Day To Clarify Your Success Mindset

Be aware to focus on each daily task. Concentrate your effort into completion by single tasking. Set each important task to do, then work on that task with no interruptions until completed.

Break larger tasks into smaller ones. Because your ability to focus on task results in mental clarity. An unclear mind is an unfocused mind.

Be aware of your mind wandering. Practice observing your thoughts all day. A powerful mind is a controlled mind. Control your thoughts to generate mental power. Practice daily to achieve mental clarification.

There are basic exercises for daily practice, which improve mental clarity.

a) Increase self awareness through meditation. Meditation is simply concentrating the mind. Don’t make it more difficult than it is. You can concentrate on anything.

You can concentrate on breathe, silence or love. Observe your thoughts to their origination. Meditate at any time for any amount of time. Practice consistently.

b) Improve clarity through visualization. Visualization is the process of making mental images. Your mental images become a model for your life. The more detailed your model the more clear your success mindset. You must see the picture more and more complete.

Compare it to building a skyscraper. Start with the foundation, then add each floor.

Remember thoughts lead to Actions. Actions lead to Methods. And Methods lead to Circumstances. Your daily work builds your foundation to a success mindset.

IV. Study On Topics Which Support Your Vision

Be specific on what knowledge your learn. Study on self improvement. Model the habits of successful people. Learn how successful people think. Find resources like books, audios and videos. But be aware of information overload.

Practice implementing what you learn quickly. Remember acquired knowledge without action is useless.

Express your vision through action. Consistent action on goals will help you achieve a success mindset. And as your momentum builds, success will happen effortlessly.

Remember thoughts lead to actions. Actions lead to methods. And methods lead to circumstances. Your daily work builds your foundation to a success mindset.

V. Consistent Action On Goals To Achieve A Success Mindset

You must always be moving forward toward your goals. Consistent growth and progress toward your goals builds momentum. Write out how your going to implement what you learn.

Act, review and keep improving yourself. You need to always be working on your success mindset. Develop a sense of urgency.

To achieve a success mindset, you can’t afford to waste your time. One step forward and on step back equals failure. Strive to for rapid progression towards your goals. Progress will strengthen your confidence, which will raise your energy.

When you learn to harness your energy on task, you will become unstoppable.

Positive Thinking

Think positive for success. Because positive thinking leads to success. Positive action begins with positive thinking. In fact, you must practice positive thinking daily. The mind must be positive to generate positive energy.

Positive Thinking Seeds A Success Mindset

A success mindset enables positive action. For this, to be successful you must act with positive intent. Also, positive action begins with positive thought. Although everybody thinks positive to some degree. There are different levels of positivity.

You want to be at the highest level of positivity to gain momentum and success. In addition, refining your goals with daily planning helps mental clarity.

Daily Planning For Mental Clarity

Improve your mental clarity to become more positive. By writing down goals daily the mindset becomes more powerful. Furthermore, writing goals program a success mindset into your subconscious. This programming also leads to strong faith.

With faith your persistence increases. Then with persistence you can build the habit of consistent work on goals. Mental clarity will increase with daily planning. Positive thinking and action are the result of mental clarity.

Practice Positive Thinking Daily

Abundance and prosperity will result from positive action. In fact, you attract what you focus on. So focus on what you want vs what you don’t want. Also focus on the present moment to achieve self awareness. Because self awareness allow you to practice positive thinking.

Strive to find the positive in every situation. Which will lead to a positive mindset. You will generate more positive energy by practicing positive thinking daily. This positive energy will increase your momentum for achieving your goals.

Refine Your Vision By Positive Thinking

Your vision defines you. What standards do you want to have? Who do you want to become? What do you stand for? What do you value? To have a great vision requires positive thinking. For this reason, refine your vision to become more positive.

A strong vision needs strong faith and belief. You must think positive to act positive. And with positive action your belief and faith will improve. Learning how to think positive will move you forward to success.

Power Of Belief

To be successful you must form beliefs for success. Because you will achieve success with the right beliefs. Mental clarity increases with right beliefs. In addition, your life follows the pattern of your belief system. Beliefs direct action.

Form Beliefs For Success – Analyze Beliefs To Gain Awareness

You must be self aware to change your belief system. Self awareness raises mental clarity. With mental clarity you can analyze your beliefs. Identify your limiting beliefs to reform.

You must erase the beliefs not supporting your vision. Use reflective thinking to uncover negative beliefs, which weaken emotional integrity.

President George Washington stated, “We ought not to look back unless it is to derive useful lessons from past errors, and for the purpose of profiting by dearly bought experience.” Discover wrong beliefs formed from past experiences and situations.

Reform the inaccurate beliefs to positive beliefs. Change your beliefs to empower yourself and strengthen your self image.

Form Beliefs For Success – Refine Your Vision

Concentrate on beliefs that support your vision. Think on what you value. Define your self ideal and determine beliefs to support it. Know who you are, what you stand for and what standards to live by.

Base your beliefs on ideals that refine your vision. Form beliefs to reflect your values, which help refine your vision. You must grow to have a vision.

It Takes Effort & Time To Form Your Belief System

It took time to form your present belief system. To re-program your belief system requires consistent effort. You must re-program your mind with positive thoughts, images and ideas. Write your values, ideals and goals on paper.

Define your purpose and vision for your future. Write down 10 words that represent who you want to become. Control your thoughts and actions. Be consistent.

Practice Each Day To Strengthen Your Beliefs

It will take consistent practice to form new beliefs. Use positive affirmations daily. Develop faith you will succeed. Stay mentally strong through adversity. Positive beliefs conquer all challenges.

Remember the bigger the goals the bigger the challenges. Through forming your belief system, you can achieve the success you desire.