a) Define example Personal Strategic Plan. b) Illustrate Tactical-Battle Plan.

The word strategy comes from the Greek word, strategos, which means general, a person who leads or directs and army and decides what the soldiers will do. A strategy lays out general plans to accomplish something large.

The Strategic Plan aligns the Purpose, Mission & Vision (PMV). The CoM Strategic Plan is CLASSIFIED; only the Inner Circle has access. Below is an excellent model for your Personal Strategic Plan.

Tactical Plans are defined for mission, battlefield level. Action occurs mostly at the tactical level. Focus on missions. Ask, HOW to execute to achieve objectives. The illustration (BPX) below is a visual outline of a tactical-battle plan.

a-Strategic Plans

CoM: War Room Classified


Core Purpose- Strive for self-mastery & lead brothers by example.

Mission- Help brothers achieve self-mastery.

Vision- Society of self-mastered brothers.

Main Objective: To live ideal lifestyle with health, wealth and happiness (relationship).

Major Goal 1 : To achieve peak mental and physical health.

Major Goal 2: To achieve time, location and financial independence.

Major Goal 3: To achieve peak realization; personal, interpersonal, social and spiritual apex.


Objective: To achieve peak mental and physical health.

Resources: Discipline, will, attitude, concentration, food, water, exercise, practice, method, process, CoM

Tactical PlanA:

Objective1: Implement optimized mental conditioning program.

Tactical PlanB:

Objective2: Implement optimized physical fitness program.


Objective: To achieve time, location and financial independence.

Resources: Self-awareness, cognition, principles, business disciplines, programs, processes, models, mentors, CoM

Tactical Plan2A-

Objective1: Implement scalable internet business.

Tactical Plan2B-

Objective2: Research and develop investment opportunities.

Tactical Plan2C-

Objective3: Study and apply business disciplines.

Plan 3-

Objective: To achieve peak actualization; personal, interpersonal, social and spiritual.

Resources: Attitude, clarity, self-image, influence, meditation, concentration, self-awareness

Tactical Plan3A-

Objective1: Study and apply yogic science (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual).

Tactical Plan3B-

Objective2: Study and apply psychology, sociology, communication.

b-Tactical Plans

CoM: War Room Classified


battle plan x

Download the Battle Plan X (BPX) PDF

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